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The Umbraco 7.8 Update Will Save Your Team – and Your Site Visitors – Valuable Time

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The release of Umbraco 7.8 ushers in a number of valuable enhancements for marketers and site owners alike. These updates allow for more efficient websites — ones that can better engage users and target audiences. Let’s jump right into the best of the best of these new enhancements in Umbraco 7.8 and why right now is truly the best time to upgrade your website to the newest version of the Umbraco CMS.  Below, we’ll run you few a few of the new enhancements that Umbraco 7.8 has to offer, and why now is the best time to upgrade your website to the new version of Umbraco.

Back Office Tours and Contextual Help

Umbraco 7.8 makes it easier than ever for first-time users of Umbraco by offering a more in-depth and user-friendly tour of the Umbraco back office. When you first start your Umbraco instance, you’ll see a brand new interactive intro tour that guides you through the back office interface. But it doesn’t just stop there – Umbraco added a whole new interactive lessons section where you can learn about everything the back office has to offer. Everything from how to create various document types to templates is covered in these tutorials. It’s all there as resources in case you need them, meaning you can take them as many times as you want and you won’t be bothered by them as you use your back office.

Umbraco 7.8 also comes with a new contextual Help section. No matter where you are in the back office of your Umbraco website, you can click the question mark in the bottom left-hand corner, and the Help section will populate a list of articles that are relevant to the current interface you are using. This feature will also stay with you as you navigate the Umbraco back office, updating in real time so it’s always relevant to the interface you’re using.

This is a fantastic feature for onboarding new content editors in order to give them full scope of the Umbraco back office and its capabilities. Not only is the contextual Help feature great out of the box, but it’s also extensible, which means you can create your own back office contextual Help articles and tours. With this Help enhancement, your team will have access to customizable content so that they know how to use certain Property Editors or features that are most specific to their work.

Newly Condensed, Easily Accessible Informational Tab

Umbraco 7.8 is shedding the “General” tab of old and reintroducing it as the new and improved “Info” tab. What makes it different (and wonderful)?

The “Info” tab has condensed a lot of information into a smaller, easier to read, and more navigable space, removing the tedious and cluttered “General” tab. Content editors and site owners will now be able to quickly see:

  • Page Links
  • Schedule Publishing dates
  • Edit History
  • Creation Dates
  • Document Types
  • Template Type

And more in one spot. This eliminates the need to search for important information about your content, it’s edit history and the users who are making changes.

Enhanced Load Balancing Support

For those unfamiliar, loading balancing refers to the distribution of user requests (like loading a web page or content on a web page) efficiently across multiple servers. Umbraco 7.8 has enhanced it’s load balancing support capabilities, meaning it now handles multiple user requests more effectively so that your website and it’s content loads more quickly. So, if you have a larger website running on 2 or more servers, or a website using multiple servers across a global audience, they will be served their content quickly.

Enhanced Security Features

Say your website is not on HTTPS (which it should be — it’s a ranking signal!) Umbraco 7.8 will place better cookie session tracking on your users, adding security for your users and those browsing your website. Umbraco will also have stronger password hashing, meaning it enhanced its ability to convert user passwords into unreadable strings of characters that are impossible to convert back to what they were originally – making passwords stronger, safe and secure!

Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to Umbraco 7.8

Umbraco has a long history of consistently delivering a great back office that allows for content editors, marketers, and website owners to quickly update and post their content. It also gives web development and IT teams the ability to safely and securely integrate key business tools, while also streamlining their load times so content is delivered quickly to those viewing the website. If you’re currently running on an older version of Umbraco, it’s a great time to update your website to Umbraco 7.8. As business and website requirements become more sophisticated, updating your website to the newest Umbraco version will only benefit your efforts as each new version includes feedback from the Umbraco community of developers, as well as the needs of its users.

If you’re not sure what version your Umbraco instance is on, or if you’d like to learn more about our ongoing Umbraco support and maintenance solutions, feel free to reach out to our Umbraco Masters! We’ll be in touch right away to help get you where you need to go!

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